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Full House Roofing Ltd is a fully licensed metal roofing contractor serving all of Kingston Ontario. We offer the highest quality metal roofing services, including installation and replacement. Whether you need your metal roof repaired or would like to install a new metal roof on your home, call Full House Roofing Ltd today!




Local licensed contractor for metal roofs.

Metal roofs are often chosen for their aesthetic value and durability. Whether you choose steel, aluminum, or copper; Full House Roofing Ltd offers the highest quality metal roof installation in Kingston Ontario.

Traditional shingle roofs have their use, but they are particularly vulnerable to Canadian weather. When you need a new roof fast, call Full House Roofing Ltd for a metal roof replacement. Metal roofs are more durable and will last for many years to come. For more information on metal roofs or to schedule a consultation, call (613) 929-9549 today!

Common Metal Repair Procedures

One of the most common metal roof repair procedures is to replace just one or more shingles if they are damaged. This is a good procedure for people that want the benefits of metal but with only small areas repaired. It is also good for people looking to fix their roofs before having them replaced entirely, which may be due to the cost of having them completely replaced.

Coatings are also a common repair procedure that is used for metal roofs. This coating is placed over the entire roof or in sections on more damaged areas. This can be helpful when trying to prolong the life of your roof while you save up money to have it replaced entirely.

Why Choose Us?

Your forever Roof

Full House Roofing provides a wide range of roofing services and materials at a highly competitive prices vs. quality. This includes full roof replacement, as well as individual services such as repairs, leaks solutions or completely new roofs depending on your needs. If you want your next roof to be your homes’ last roof, make it metal and choose Full House Roofing.

Professional roofers

Our roofing contractors are both extremely professional as well as experienced in a wide range of materials, installation styles, and individual roofing issues. We always provide the best possible service for our customers. Our team works diligently to ensure clients’ requirements are met and exceeded every time.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

The team at Full House Roofing aims to achieve no less than 100% customer satisfaction. We always listen carefully to your specific needs before creating a customized solution, perfect for your home and your roofing preferences. Our roofers always take the time necessary to meet our clients’ requirements before beginning work on any renovation project.


Janet Carey
Janet Carey
John Tucker
John Tucker
What first impressed me of this company, was the complete and accurate quotation for the work to be provided. Although it has been a very busy spring for all types of construction, this company was on time and completed my roof to my complete satisfaction. Their staff was professional, quiet and neat, and the new roof looks terrific.
Aileen Stewart
Aileen Stewart
We are very grateful that William and his team came out promptly to help us with a leaky roof issue. William offered a number of suggestions, including a way for us to try fixing it ourselves. He was helpful, straightforward and generous with his time & expertise. I highly recommend Full House Roofing!

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At Full House Roofing, we are committed to complete customer satisfaction. Our team of roofing contractors is trained, insured, and bonded. If you are looking for superior service at competitive prices, look no further than Full House Roofing! Contact us at (613) 929-9549 to schedule an appointment today.